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Official Sites
Iron Mask website: www.iron-mask.com
Magic Kingdom website: www.magic-kingdom.be

Community Sites
Dushan Petrossi - facebook:
Iron Mask - Myspace: Iron Mask - MySpace
Iron Mask - Youtube: Iron Mask - Youtube
Iron Mask - Last FM: Iron Mask - Last FM
Magic Kingdom - Myspace: Magic Kingdom - Myspace
Magic Kingdom - FaceBook: Magic Kingdom - FaceBook
Magic Kingdom - Youtube: Magic Kingdom - Youtube

Lion Music - record label (Iron Mask): Lion Music
Limb Music - record label (Magic Kingdom): LMP / Limb Music Publishing
Avalon/Marquee - record label in Japan: Avalon/Marquee
Eric Philippe - our cover / logo / design artist: Eric Philippe
Leo Hao - our cover artist: Leo Hao

HeavyLaw - webzine: HeavyLaw
Metal Rules - webzine: Metal Rules
Rock Report - webzine: Rock Report
Virtuosa - webzine: Virtuosa
Virtuosity One - webzine: Virtuosity One

Lion Metal - webstore: Lion Metal
Lion Music Store - webstore: Lion Music Store
Nightmare Records - webstore: Nightmare Records
Laser's Edge - webstore: Lasers Edge

Blackstar Amps - endorsement: Blackstar Amps
Lag Guitars - endorsement: Lag Guitars
Elixir Strings - endorsement: Elixir Strings
Jim Dunlop Picks - endorsement: Dunlop Picks